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According to the total IG Brand Content Adspend in 2022 by admanGo, the IG KOLs ranked top 5 were Sammi Cheng, Hins Cheung, Anson Lo, Elva Ni and Grace Chan.

1. Sammi Cheng
IG Followers: 864K
Branded Content: Valentino, PARKnSHOP……

2. Hins Cheung
IG Followers: 1M
Branded Content: Samsung, ULOS HK……

3. Anson Lo
IG Followers: 1.11M
Branded Content: 正官庄, SHISEIDO HK……

4. Elva Ni
IG Followers: 820K
Branded Content: Dior Beauty, Prada……

5. Grace Chan
IG Followers: 740K
Branded Content: 星之谷按揭轉介, LG Hong Kong……

*IG Followers as of December 2022

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Top 5 KOL with the Highest IG Branded Content Adspend (Jan – Dec 2022 )

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