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According to admanGo, the total adspend in Hong Kong for Jan-Feb 2024 amounted to HK$4.4 billion, representing a 5% YOY decrease. In early 2023, as preventive measures against the outbreak gradually eased and the implementation of Quarantine-Free Travel between Hong Kong and mainland China resumed, local economic activities regained momentum. Various favorable factors led to a significant increase in adspend in Jan-Feb 2023, which made the 5% drop in Jan-Feb 2024 inevitable due to the local economy’s recovery being hampered. Overall, with the government’s efforts to promote mega-events and the mainland’s further expansion of cities eligible for individual travel, it is anticipated that these measures will present more opportunities across various industries, thereby favoring advertisers in conducting more promotional activities.

To learn more about the Hong Kong Adspend in Jan-Feb 2024, please download the full report.
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