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According to admanGo, based on the total IG Branded Content Adspend in Q1 2024, The KOLs ranked sixth to tenth were Donnie Yen, Miss Sue Chang, Do Do Cheng, Charmaine Sheh and Jeffrey Ngai.

6. Donnie Yen
IG Followers: 2.8M
Branded Content: Tencent Games, DENHAM The Jeanmaker……

7. Miss Sue Chang
IG Followers: 341K
Branded Content: Clé de Peau Beauté Official, Cigna Healthcare HK……

8. Do Do Cheng
IG Followers: 445K
Branded Content: Hong Kong International Airport, Brand’s Hong Kong……

9. Charmaine Sheh
IG Followers: 1.2M
Branded Content: De Beers Jewellers, Fendi…..

10. Jeffrey Ngai
IG Followers: 455K
Branded Content: Louis Vuitton, Prada……

*IG Followers as of March 2024
**IG KOL Branded Content Adspend” is calculated based on the IG KOL Branded Content promotion for their channel, and does not include the fees paid by advertisers to social media platforms

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Top 6-10 KOL with the Highest IG Branded Content Adspend (Jan – Mar 2024)

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